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  Genealogy Research Notebooks in the Burbank Family History Center  

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The notebooks below were at the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library
and now they are on loan to the Burbank Family History Center.
136 North Sunset Canyon Drive, Burbank, CA 91501-1101

Compiled/Written by Jon Schweitzer
Ancestral File Research (the 2nd largest genealogical database)
Black Research
Bureau of Land Management Research (United States)
Canadian Research
Census Research
Church Records Research - U.S.
Computer Internet Security
Danish Research
DAR Research (Daughters of the American Revolution)
England Research (beginner to advanced)
Family History Library Catalog Research
Family History Library - Salt Lake and Family History Centers
Family History Research
Finding Birthplaces and Parents (in the U.S. and foreign countries - not adoptions)
Finding That Living Person (solutions--returned letters and private investigators' methods)
Foreign Countries Research
Foreign Word Lists for Genealogy
Genealogists (for hire to do your work)
Genealogy Forms (big collection in English and foreign languages)
Genealogy Research by Mail (for the armchair researcher)
Genealogy Research and Things (miscellaneous research papers and articles)
Genealogical Libraries in U.S.
Genealogy - Starting (for the beginner)
German Research
Guide to Genealogy Research in Washington, D.C.
IGI Research (the largest genealogical database)
Land Research - United States
Library of Congress Research
Luxembourg Research
Quaker Sources
Map Research
Medical Genealogy Research
Military Research - U.S.
National Archives Research
Newspaper Research
New York Research (city and state)
Norwegian Research, Volumes 1 and 2
PAF 5 or Personal Ancestral File 5, Genealogy Computer Program
Passenger Lists - Immigration - Emigration - Naturalization - Passports Research
Revolutionary War Veteran Research
Royalty, Nobility and Mediaeval Research
Scandinavian Research (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland)
Ship Research (not passengers)
Social Security Research
States, Counties and Cities Research
Swedish Research
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